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We help you with

Flight Problems

We can check if you are entitled for compensation for flights from as far back as 6 years ago.

Delayed flights

In the event that your flight experiences a delay of 3 hours or longer, you could potentially qualify for compensation as per UK/EU legislation.

Cancelled flights

Should your flight be unexpectedly cancelled, you might have grounds for compensation according to UK/EU regulations. In cases where an alternative flight isn't provided, you also retain the right to request a refund for your ticket.

Denied Boarding

Our coverage is specifically for situations involving involuntary boarding denials, which are the only instances eligible for airline compensation due to overbooking.

Air Passenger Rights

Regulation (UK/EC) 261/2004 safeguards your rights as an air passenger. This regulation establishes consistent entitlements for flight compensation when flights are delayed by over 3 hours, cancelled, or overbooked.

Millions of Passengers

Claim up to £520/€600 from airlines

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Up to 1500 km


From 1500 km to 3000 km


From 3000 km to 4500 km


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We manage your entire claim, ensuring a seamless journey from start to receiving compensation.

Leave it to Us

We assist you in with the necessary documents and handle their submission on your behalf.

No win, no fee

All legal fees are covered by us, and our fee is contingent on your successful compensation.

Stay Informed

Expect consistent updates from us as we keep you informed and address any queries you may have.

With Jet Delayed

it’s that simple !

Submit your flight claim

Whether you're dealing with a delay, cancellation, denied boarding, rebooking, or missed connection, we're here to assist you.

Enforce your claim

We exert pressure on the airline and are prepared to take legal action if required. All of this is done with ease and without any risk to you.

Receive your money

As soon as we receive your funds, we will promptly transfer the money to you minus our fee. We only get paid if you do.

No Win No Fee

unless you get compensated

We apply pressure to the airline and are prepared to take the matter to court if needed. If we are unable to secure your compensation, you will not be charged for our services.

  • All Airlines
  • All Countries
  • No Win, No Fee
Millions of people are eligible to

Get Paid Compensation

Up to £520/€600 can be claimed if your flight was delayed or cancelled.

  • All Airlines
  • All Countries
  • No Win, No Fee